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NULIV Townvillas at Acqua: Your postpandemic sanctuary in the metro

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When the market changes, businesses must adapt. In homes, where billions were holed up by a pandemic, demands changed as challenges arose.

Now learning how space impacts both productivity and overall well-being, homebuyers clamor for more of it. Century Properties, one of Philippine real estate’s trusted builders, takes heed.

“New standards in living and lifestyle inclinations have developed postpandemic, and we intend to address these changes in homebuyers’ needs,” said Century Properties Group president and CEO Marco R. Antonio.


Century does that by offering a new array of products made up of townhouses and other low-rise structures dedicated to sustainability and wellness. Fully committed to this branching out is its new business unit NULIV.

“While NULIV will continue Century’s legacy of serving the needs of the premium and luxury market, it will do so via new product offerings … in contrast with its historical roots of doing mainly high-rise condominiums,” Antonio explained.

Developments of such a scale bring benefits to builders and buyers, the company noted. Housing units would be built faster, allowing the company to answer the demand faster. Carrying less risk, it ensures more stable growth.

NULIV’s maiden project provides a peek into the direction Century drives toward: Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua. This undertaking—featuring a low-density high street of just 22 multi-story houseand-lot packages—will rise on an exclusive road behind Acqua Private Residences, Century Properties’ award-winning tropical rainforest-inspired development in Mandaluyong City.

NULIV president Monica L. Trajano noted that NULIV’s addition would enjoy the central location of Acqua, while rewarding end-users and investors with the generous spaces typically available in suburban settings, an exceptional combination that ensures value appreciation.


The neighborhood aims to capture a clientele of smart, discerning and tech-savvy urban citizens. These hard-driving folks cannot leave the city but want to tune out the noise of urbanity. As such, Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua will provide sanctuaries of two types: six Rhine (three stories, 227 sqm) and 16 Seine (four stories, 312 sqm) units, priced from P40 million to P60 million.

Century NULIV Townvillas at Acqua has a postpandemic design as well. Units offer thoughtfully planned and spacious indoor and outdoor amenities. The stacked design means freer movement and more flexibility with designs and functions.

Each townvilla stands on a spacious lot. The inside opens up to the outdoors through glass balconies. High-ceiling windows let in natural light while the outdoor areas can become gardens, patios, parking spaces, among others.


As all other projects soon to be launched by NULIV, this will provide easy homeownership process through a digital customer journey. As the company completes the regulatory requirements, this one will be available for sale soon.

“We will deliver spaces that can provide easy or direct access to necessities but, equally important, we are innovating our homeownership process to strengthen how this is digitally supported from start to finish,” Trajano said.

After Mandaluyong, NULIV plans to go outside Metro Manila through townvillas in Azure North in San Fernando, Pampanga.

NULIV projects proudly represent Century’s value for innovation and its dedication to building homes that give dwellers “new living”—sustainable, unapologetic, full.

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